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Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

Nancy and I try to visit Monhegan Island at least once each summer. Monhegan is 10 miles off the coast of Maine. Electricity costs enough there that laundry still dries on clothes lines. Colorful shirts, towels, jeans and t-shirts can be seen on sunny days throughout the village. Monhegan is a place where lobster men actually live – lobster traps, buoys, and rope, line the alley ways and traps fill side yards and backyards. On the island the roads are gravel, there are no cars, and only a few dozen pickup trucks. During the summer six daily round trips by mail boat and ferry keep a steady stream of over-nighters and day-trippers in a flow and rhythm of people hiking up from the dock and exploring through the village. There are two inns and several bed & breakfasts. This island has some of the most dramatic cliffs on the coast of Maine. Charming coves and hundreds (if not thousands) of sitting rocks are fabulous locations to watch the light on the water and see the waves rolling in. There are a series of hiking trails that lace through the uninhabited forests and a great trail circumnavigates the island. A day or week on Monhegan feels like going back in time 50 or 100 years. If you leave your electronics at home there’s nothing much to do except talk, read a book, and feel the passage of time. Monhegan is one of my favorite places in the world.

In the summer of 2010 we stayed for 3 days in August at the Trailing Yew on Monhegan. There was no electricity in the rooms- it’s either an oil lamp or a flash light at night. Nancy brought a book, What French Women Know (Nancy is French). There was a passage and a poem in the book referring to how little French girls do a daisy versus the standard approach of “He loves me, He loves me not” of English speaking girls.

In French:

"Il m'aime un peu.
Il m'aime beacoup.
Il m'aime passionnement.
Il m'aime a la foie.
Il ne m'aime pas du tout. "

In English:

"He loves me a little.
He loves me a lot.
He loves me passionately.
He loves me madly.
He loves me not at all."

An idea began to form. I gathered a bouquet of daisies from the edge of the property. We sat in the adirondacks and plucked and counted.

This is a copy of the diagram from the notes I made August 19, 2010. When I got back to Cross we began design work. It may not seem like rocket science, or all that complicated to duplicate a daisy from nature. It’s easy to make “a perfect daisy” with everything in balance and symmetrical. To duplicate what actually occurs in nature in a convincing way takes time. There is the relationship of the center to the size of the petals, the thickness of the center, the angle of the petals…God has thousands of details to consider with every flower. Try duplicating one and you’ll appreciate the magnificence of his work.

Our final production schedule for the French Daisy came out to early August 2011. We ran an ad in Down East Magazine and set our shipping date for August 19th - exactly a year to the day from the original idea. Developing a new item takes time…months or sometimes years.

The French Daisy has been a great item. As of Spring 2013 we have found hundreds of romantics who, for many and varied reasons, have decided that they had to have a French Daisy. And yes, my French girlfriend received one for her birthday. I chose the silver with the gold center. That is the one most people choose. -R.H.P


After we got back to the store we created this chart to help us understand how the French Daisy poem works and where the English version coincides. As you can see at one point we considered "He loves me madly" but we settled on "Passionate Love" for our French Daisy, and 33 petals.

For many of the pieces we create there is a deeper story. A story of an idea, its evolution and then the story of its meaning…a meaning we share in our print ads and a meaning we share on a small card tucked inside the gift wrapped box. This card and its words are a reminder of why the giver fell in love with the piece and what he (or she) is hoping to convey in the giving of the gift to his love.

Thank you for considering Cross.



Romantic’s French Daisy Candelabra Center Piece

 This is a one of a kind, hand-made, sterling silver 6 candle candelabra with six 18 petal daisies and a center bouquet of eleven 17 petal daisies. In the French Daisy poem 18 petals equal “He loves me passionately” and yes, nature does do 18 petal daisies. It measures 10” high by 12” wide and 12” deep, and costs $18,500. One of a kind items are subject to prior sale. This piece is not on display in our store, but you can get more information on it by calling 212-944-8060 or toll free at 800-258-0200.

Note of disclosure: The 18 petals of this candelabra are a French Daisy poem good outcome, but for the English speaking girl it comes out to "He loves me not".

The French Daisy Necklace

Silver & Gold



Platinum & 24K Gold

Back Details



We typically use an 18” chain on our pendants. This length is perfect for many women. Most of the chains are available in 16”, 18” 20” and 24” lengths. See the product details for the specific length of chain that accompanies this piece of jewelry. If you would like a different length of chain please call us at 1800 433-2988.

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